Eva Tamrakar

Accredieted Practising Dietitian, NSW

Thank you Freedom Foods for creating such an amazing Barley+ range, full of a good mix of fibres. I am impressed with the products in terms of their low GI value, very high fibre content (and 3 types of fibre), easy and healthy snack bars (portion controlled); beta-glucan for cholesterol management, prebiotic for Butyrate production, and the list goes on. I am a big fan of Barley+. I am already recommending the products to my patients/clients for healthier gut. My gut feeling says this product will make my gut a very happy and healthier one. Thank you again for the products and the science behind them in support.

Rebecca Warren

Naturopath, Lecturer and Researcher, NSW

As a gut specialist and lecturer in nutritional medicine, I’ve see hundreds of patients who have struggled with ‘funny tummies’. Barley+ is a super exciting nutritional addition that can easily be incorporated into people’s lives and their busy schedules. It brings to life the concept of using food as medicine and has the science to back up it’s use. I have been wholeheartedly recommending the Barley+ range to my patients and see it as a valuable inclusion in a healthy diet.

Suzanne Charkas

Accredited Practising Dietitian, VIC

I’ve been recommending the Barley+ products to my patients ever since the range was launched through Coles a few months ago. The response from patients has been extremely positive, for both the muesli cereals and the bars. I’ve always demonstrated the health benefits of these products to the patients, with particular emphasis on the high soluble fibre content as well as the resistant starch. Once patients have understood the benefits of improved blood sugar control and effective lowering of LDL cholesterol , they are more than happy to purchase them. With the increasing interest in gut microbiota and the public’s desire to improve gut health, the Barley+ range stands alone and is unique due to its high fibre content. It’s important to point out that the BARLEYmax  grain used in these products is not a genetically modified grain as some might fear, but a barley cultivar which has been developed by the CSIRO. Some of my patients have even asked me if I have shares in this product because I’m so enthusiastic about recommending it. There is certainly nothing else like it offering such health benefits on the Australian market and it tastes good too!

Sally Meacock

Senior Diabetes Dietitian, WA

I have been using the Freedom Food Barley+ Muesli Bars with my diabetes patients and they have been finding them a great snack option that not only tastes good but is high in fibre, low GI and keeps them full while maintaining their blood glucose levels in an acceptable range.

Kaye Foster-Powell

Senior Diabetes Dietitian, NSW

The Freedom Foods Barley+ range of bars stand out above others as far as I’m concerned. Their fibre content is exceptional and as a snack food they are satisfying and nutritious – plus they come in a great range of flavours!

Kristen Riggs

Senior Dietitian, QLD

The Barley+ range provides an excellent source of fibre and they are so tasty. Gone are the days of high fibre foods tasting like you are chewing the cardboard box. Both muesli flavours have a balance of fruit and nuts along with the grains. The muesli bars are nicely sweet with sustained energy without a sugar rush then crash. A perfect afternoon snack.

Sally Badorrek

Senior Dietitian, NSW

Thank you to Freedom Foods for supplying our clinic with the Barley+ muesli bars recently. The muesli bars are delicious and were provided to our patients as morning tea while attending our group education day. It is difficult to find nutritious convenient muesli bars to recommend to clients and patients, however these are an excellent product to suggest. The bars provide around 8-9g of fibre, 500-550kJ and 15g carb serve . They are low in sodium, saturated fat and sugars. An ideal bar for our patients and clinicians to eat when hungry between meals.

Emily Harris

Senior Dietitian, WA

Barley+ bars and cereals are not only a valuable source of fibre but they also taste great! I recommend them to my patients, colleagues and family to keep them fuller for longer and keep their bowels regular. They come in a wide range of flavours and there’s sure to be one to please everybody (even my fussy tradie husband enjoys them!)

Dietetics team at Maryborough and District Health Services


Super delicious and packed full of fibre, it’s a good option for our patients. Just flip over the box and find out for yourself!